20 Feb 15 – More Hard Cider Lite

The first round of hard cider lite finished fermenting. My wife and I siphoned it off into gallon bottles. As we did I was greeted with an amazing moment. One of my top three moments in my wine making history.

The flavor was amazing!

My house specialty has been reborn! The cider lite tasted much more refined. Sweet yet subtle apple flavor with a great aroma…

You have to understand when you start wine making and you try something new it takes six weeks to sample your tweak. One of the reasons I advocate only changing one thing at a time. In fact, it takes 12 weeks to taste the final product. That is a long time.

I confess. We ALWAYS have a “taster” glass when we go into racking and the night we bottle.

We were so excited and immediately started a fresh batch with the same recipe. The new batch will done fermenting on my birthday. Ironically,the last batch will be bottled at the same time.

Hope you enjoy!

27 Dec 14 – Hard Cider Lite

Hard cider has become my favorite wine to brew. This beverage blurs the lines between wine and beer. Hard cider has become a popular drink both on beer shelves and in bars and pubs. Many bars, restaurants and pubs sell hard cider on draft. On beer shelves in liquor stores, grocery aisles and other shops hard cider comes in several varieties.

We started with apple wine and while it was good, it just didn’t have enough apple flavor for me. I wanted a big apple punch in flavor. After going back and forth and my wife and I doing some online research we found an amazing product. I have mentioned this stuff before, Bernard Jensen’s 100% Apple Concentrate.

bernard jensen's 100% apple concentrate

bernard jensen’s 100% apple concentrate

Since we have been making this for a while, I think we have the recipe nailed. However some of the drier wine people who have had it think the hard cider is to sweet. We decided to try a “lite” version. We also changed the sugar we use to Zulka’s Morena Pure Cane Sugar. Morena is an all natural product and reflects our hippie tendencies. The sugar is 100% organic and a non-gmo product. The sugar has a slightly tan color. We like it in coffee and may switch to this sugar for all our household needs.

We made a three gallon recipe!


  • 12 cups Morena pure cane sugar
  • 2 16 oz bottles Bernard Jensen’s Apple Concentrate
  • 3 packets highly/super active yeast (found in the baking aisle of the grocery store)
  • 3 gallons spring water
  • 1 1/2 tsp yeast nutrient (more on additives in a future blog)

I mixed the ingredients following the basic process (found here). However, we now mix most of the water and sugar before adding any juice concentrate. After adding all the ingredients we secured the airlock and left the carboy on the counter over night to “watch the science happen!” In the morning, I put the batch in our wine closet.

The batch will be ready for racking on 15 Feb 15. Another six weeks and we will be bottling the Hard Cider Lite…I will update this post then and let you know how it turned out.

Hope you enjoy!