Boardwalk Pizza – Not Your Average Source

Boardwalk Pizza Winter Park, FL

Boardwalk Pizza Winter Park, FL

This is one of the greatest pizza places on record. My family and I have been eating here for over 30 years! I have so many fond memories, many from a full belly, from this place.

In high school, Boardwalk Pizza was a favorite stop after a beach trip, fishing or just about any time. A two slice special and the afternoon or evening couldn’t end much better. When I was feeling like it was a special night, I would grab a cheese steak.

The cheese steak is a perfect mix of gooey cheese and tasty steak. Boardwalk uses the perfect roll to place this treat on. One of the few sandwiches that don’t need any condiments. Just throw on the sautéed onions and peppers.

My Dad loved to eat in restaurants. His job had him traveling all over the place and he always knew the best places to eat. No matter where we were when I was a kid my Dad knew of some “locals” place. Many are among my favorite places. I was able to convince him to try Boardwalk one night; we ate there almost every Friday night from then on. 30 years later we still grab a pie there, though since my Dad passed away we don’t make it every week.

By now I am sure you are wondering what does this have to do with home brewing?

Well it helps to be kind to servers and anyone working in the service industry. Over the years I have gotten to know the staff pretty well. One night I asked one of our regular servers if they would save bottles for me.

Wine bottles now only cost me elbow grease to remove the labels and sanitize them before use! If you don’t feel comfortable asking at your favorite local haunt, mention your need to friends. I have several who are saving bottles for me now.

Remember dark glass that takes a cork. I will share a tip about how to clean and de-label them in a later post.

Seriously though, Boardwalk Pizza is a great place with a great menu. They serve amazing pizza but also serve more traditional Italian dishes. Check out the garlic knots and a Caesar salad (the dressing is unreal, we get a side of dressing to dip our crust in). Their staff is very personable and always cheerful; the guys on the line have mad respect…in 30 years I have never had a bad meal.

Hope you enjoy!

Hearts Home Brew

heart's home brew store

hearts home brew store

Hearts Home Brew is off the charts amazing.

The first brew store I went to in Orlando and still my favorite. You walk through the door down an aisle made of stacks of different types of bottles. Ribbons for best wine or beer hand above your head, some dating so far back they are sun faded.

They have everything you could need from caps to bulk ingredients. They even have a refrigeration section that holds fruit and other ingredients.

My first trip in I noticed the PC screen behind the counter monitoring different batches in the cue. Dutifully taking readings of temperature, pH, etc. I only mention this because it shows the level of experience and expertise in the shop.

I always have great conversations and get meaningful advice from both Luke and Dave. Well worth a trip to take a look around, grab that hose you have been meaning to replace or to stock up on corks, caps and bottles.

If you don’t have much time to spare you can call an order in and they will pull it together before you arrive. However, if you can’t seem to get away from your batches they have a great online store.

I can’t say enough this is the Disney World of brew supply stores in the Orlando area.

Hope you enjoy!

Homebrew Supplies of Florida, Inc.

homebrew supplies card

Stephen and his wife at Homebrew supplies are great. We originally bought some root beer supplies from them. The kit came not only with the root beer extract but also contained detailed instructions about how to make root beer at home.

Since making root beer at home uses most of the same supplies it is a natural fit. For many this can be a great introduction to home brewing.

The Homebrew supplies site is great. They have good prices and a lot of supplies for both the beer and wine types. Both Stephen and his wife are very knowledgeable about the process and different techniques. It also helps that they are good people that are easy to talk to.

I usually linger for longer than I should!

Homebrew supplies is an online storefront and I don’t believe they have a physical store. However, If you are from Orlando you can often find Bacallaos at the Good Neighbors Farmer’s Market in Oviedo on Saturdays. If you strike up a conversation with a passion for wine/beer making, they have been known to offer to bring supplies to the market to avoid shipping costs (I don’t know if they would make a habit of this).

The website has a great section of recipe that explains the root beer/soda process done correctly. There are also some other pages dedicated to articles and the like. The product shopping pages are my favorite by far.

Check them out when you have a chance and tell them the Cabinet Wine Maker sent you.


If you have never been to Good Neighbors, it is worth a Saturday morning with lots of local vendors, fresh fruits and veggies, farm animals and more. I will dedicate a post to them later.

Hope you enjoy!

Urban Sunshine Organic and Hydroponic Gardening

urban sunshine organic and hydroponic gardening altamonte springs,fl

urban sunshine organic and hydroponic gardening altamonte springs,fl

This place is amazing and close to home. It is easily one of my top three places to buy equipment. I know, you are wondering why would you go to Urban Sunshine to buy brewing equipment. They sell organic and hydroponic gardening gear!

It is a long story but here is the short version.

I had just started brewing wine and was ready to graduate from a gallon glass bottle to a larger carboy. My wife and I had found another favorite store that is a little further from home (more on this store later). I was lamenting the fact I didn’t have enough time to go across town when suddenly I saw a large sign in front of the their store, I swear it had an aura around it like a bright spot light! It said “We now carry home brew supplies.”

We were on a run to get some juice concentrate so we immediately pulled in to check it out.

These guys are really good guys. Will and Daniel are usually there when I visit and it seems like every time I go there I end up having conversations about other things. They are easy to talk to and when the conversation is about brewing they are both very knowledgeable.

I have to disclaim Urban Sunshine carries beer supplies. That being said there is plenty of cross over for us wine people. They have carboys, bungs, airlocks, thermometers, siphon hoses, etc…the whole nine yards.

I always go to the store Will and Daniel work at but they have several locations in the Orlando area. Check out their locations page.

These guys are great and with our hippie tendencies, my wife and I will definitely be stopping by for some organic gardening supplies this spring. Seriously, if you have an opportunity to stop by do. It is worth the trip!

Hope you enjoy!