Boardwalk Pizza – Not Your Average Source

Boardwalk Pizza Winter Park, FL

Boardwalk Pizza Winter Park, FL

This is one of the greatest pizza places on record. My family and I have been eating here for over 30 years! I have so many fond memories, many from a full belly, from this place.

In high school, Boardwalk Pizza was a favorite stop after a beach trip, fishing or just about any time. A two slice special and the afternoon or evening couldn’t end much better. When I was feeling like it was a special night, I would grab a cheese steak.

The cheese steak is a perfect mix of gooey cheese and tasty steak. Boardwalk uses the perfect roll to place this treat on. One of the few sandwiches that don’t need any condiments. Just throw on the sautéed onions and peppers.

My Dad loved to eat in restaurants. His job had him traveling all over the place and he always knew the best places to eat. No matter where we were when I was a kid my Dad knew of some “locals” place. Many are among my favorite places. I was able to convince him to try Boardwalk one night; we ate there almost every Friday night from then on. 30 years later we still grab a pie there, though since my Dad passed away we don’t make it every week.

By now I am sure you are wondering what does this have to do with home brewing?

Well it helps to be kind to servers and anyone working in the service industry. Over the years I have gotten to know the staff pretty well. One night I asked one of our regular servers if they would save bottles for me.

Wine bottles now only cost me elbow grease to remove the labels and sanitize them before use! If you don’t feel comfortable asking at your favorite local haunt, mention your need to friends. I have several who are saving bottles for me now.

Remember dark glass that takes a cork. I will share a tip about how to clean and de-label them in a later post.

Seriously though, Boardwalk Pizza is a great place with a great menu. They serve amazing pizza but also serve more traditional Italian dishes. Check out the garlic knots and a Caesar salad (the dressing is unreal, we get a side of dressing to dip our crust in). Their staff is very personable and always cheerful; the guys on the line have mad respect…in 30 years I have never had a bad meal.

Hope you enjoy!

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