What’s Fermenting?

So, I haven’t posted in a quite awhile. My wife and I have been busy!

First, I spent some time off work due to an injury and I am still recovering. Then there is the school year and the start of all the extra curricular activities. It’s hard to find time.

Though a friend would say if you don’t make the time then it is just not a priority.

I agree with that…but only to a point. We have been making some great batches. A few new favorites, some new ideas and a new bottle source. I have seen a new friend close his doors because of a petty enforcement of some vague home brewing laws.

Before I get to far in the ditch…

Our strawberry mead was an epic failure. While the batch produced alcohol the taste was horrible. Three gallons down the drain and honey isn’t cheap. I have since learned from reading friends blogs not to leave the fruit in the whole fermentation. Wines that begin with real fruit really need to be done in a two stage method. Not to mention it is best to keep the fruit in some type of bag or cheese cloth so you can easily remove it.

What did we learn?

To be honest, it was a wake up call to stick with our roots. We started this endeavor to share how easy it is to just follow the Basic Process. I can’t stress enough how simple it really is. Tinkering is fun but…

To answer the question, don’t stray to far from home!

Don’t get me wrong there isn’t anything wrong with other processes or what I would call harder methods. In fact, I have had some great beer and wine from other home brew fanatics.

We like to keep things simple.

We were a little late getting our holiday gifts going but should be on schedule to bottle 24 750ml bottles. I promise the number wasn’t on purpose and to make it even stranger we will probably be bottling early on the 24th.

Hope you enjoy!

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