03 APR 15 – Racking Experiment

Our latest batch of house cider was ready to rack. We have been making this cider now for a while and i felt like it was time to experiment.

Always trying to improve…

At any rate, I have been reading a great book I bought from a local brew store. The book is “The Alaskan Bootlegger’s Bible”. If you have not heard of it you need to get a copy, the link is to Barnes & Noble but it can also be found on Amazon.com from various vendors. Having my choice I would either buy the book at your local brew store or direct from the author at www.happymountain.net.

The book is amazing! Leon W. Kania is my kind of person…down to earth, looking to keep things natural and very knowledgeable.

Why am I plugging a book while posting about racking cider? The book inspired me to try a number of things but specifically Kania talks (I say talks because Kania writes as if he is casually talking to you while showing you how to) about using gelatin as a clearing agent.

My daughter is vegetarian so we don’t keep gelatin in the house. Instead, I have a vegan product on hand called Agar Powder made by Now Real Foods.

agar powder

agar powder

The Agar Powder is made from red algae. The manufacturer claims the final result is the same as gelatin which is made from cattle bones. The product is not only vegan but is also gluten free.

We are kinda green in my house.

Back to cider and racking…

Our yield is three gallons so I measured off 1 1/2 cups of spring water and placed it in a sauce pot on the stove. Once the water came to a simmer I added 1 very large TBSP of the powder, removed it from the heat and stirred.

I siphoned off our cider into three one gallon bottles and allowed the algae water to cool. Once the liquid reached a room-temperature state, I put just shy of 1/2 cup into each bottle.

The theory is that the gelatin/algae will set up on top of the mixture and begin to slowly descend to the bottom of the bottle. In the process, the gelatin/algae will trap all of the sediment and force it to the bottom as well. Clearing the cider in the process.

I am eager to see how this works out and will let you know how it goes in about six weeks.

Hope you enjoy!



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