The Carboy Handle

This piece falls into the optional category; however it is a life saver.

carboy handle

carboy handle

We typically like to make wine in a three gallon carboy. The carboys get heavy and difficult to move around once they are filled with ingredients, not to mention they are made from thick glass and heavy to begin with. Having a solid handle attached makes moving the carboys around a ton easier. Lifting the carboy to the counter for racking was a two man lift before we began using these.

I have seen a number of ways to ease the load…from sling like totes to dollies on casters. The carboy handle is by far my favorite. The handles are made from a simple design and are coated in rubber/plastic for extra grip.

They fall under the wish I would have thought of that category.

To install loosen the wing nut until you are able to slip the mouth of the handle over the lip of the carboy. I like to slip the ring as far down the neck as I can. Then tighten the wing nut back up and voila! You have an easier way to lift and move the carboy.

The manufacturer cautions against over tightening the handle, I assume this is to prevent cracking the glass. If you are using quality carboys this shouldn’t be to much of a concern as the glass should be thick enough to avoid it being cracked.

TIP: Make sure you buy the correct size for your carboy. Believe it or not there are two sizes I have run across. One for a three gallon carboy and one that fits either a five or six gallon carboy and they are not interchangeable. In fact, I have bought the wrong size and the vendor I use was gracious enough to swap it out for the correct size. Another reason to talkk with the clerks in the shops you frequent.

I typically buy a handle for every carboy I buy. Once installed I leave them on.

Hope you enjoy!

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