So easy you can make a gallon in five minutes!

I know I have said it before but…wine making is so easy, I love it!

A few nights ago my wife and I had a couple of good friends over for dinner. It was some nice adult time chatting and sharing a glass (or two šŸ˜‰ ) of our cabinet wine. After dinner we began talking about wine again!

My friend Edgar has been ultra-supportive about my hobby and starting the Cabinet Wine Maker blog. I think he sees the passion in my eyes about wine whenever it comes up. His wife Jess is a great lady who loves good wine. As we began talking one thing led to another and we found our way to the ever popular topic of making wine.

I have told Edgar how easy it is and how cheaply one can get into it. Though I know he believes me he was still a little reserved about trying it.

That was about to change…

Edgar has been saying he wanted to try making wine for some time, I keep telling him how easy it is and we agree he should come over sometime so I show him how it is done. Rinse and repeat!

I showed Edgar and Jess the new and improved brew closet, his eyes were wide with interest. Suddenly I realized they were at the house, I had enough glassware free to do a batch and I had all the ingredients. No better time than the present I said and Edgar eagerly agreed.

Immediately I pulled a frozen juice from concentrate from the freezer (I find my wife and I are picking up interesting flavor combinations and storing them on hand). I placed the frozen can in the sink and let warm water pour over it to speed the thawing and set about gathering supplies and ingredients.

Before beginning I apologized in advance if I slipped into professor mode; I truly love teaching others how to make wine.

Edgar asked what equipment he would need and I replied ” one gallon container, one screw top for said bottle, one airlock, one rubber stopper and maybe a funnel and measuring cup.” The next question…how much will that cost. I am guessing about $10 or less and shared two local stores where he could get the supplies.

I mentioned to them that you could use an empty spring water jug, a rubber band and a balloon. Edgar gave one of those yeah right nervous kind of laughs so I had to tell him a story.

You see my first batch I did just that…I had been thinking about making wine for some time. My wife and I were having dinner with my mom one night and I brought it up. To my surprise Mom let me in on a secret.

She used to make wine using an empty bottle, a rubber band and a balloon.

Mom explained how you mixed the ingredients and securedĀ the balloon and rubber band. She also explained that the balloon would fill up with CO2 during fermentation and when the balloonĀ deflated the wine would be ready. Long story short when we left mom’s house we stopped at the store and got everything for our first batch.

I went home and mixed up my batch and placed the balloon topped container in an empty kitchen cabinet. The next morning the balloon has swelled to larger than the container and I was giddy.

The funny part of the story is that the next day I was again at my mom’s house and told her of my new adventure (I didn’t mention the balloon). She laughed and told me a story of a particularly potent batch she made where the balloon burst and wine was all over the cabinet. I swallowed hard and spent the next several weeks hoping my balloon didn’t rupture.

By now the juice from concentrate was fully thawed and I continued on with the demonstration. Sugar, water, juice from concentrate and a packet of bread yeast…in five minutes we were done. Of course I shared some tips and tricks along the way and explained my method and why I did certain things the way I do (Edgar is used to my overly methodical approach to everything).

They soaked it in like a sponge. Edgar being a bright guy said “You mean for under $20 dollars and five minutes I can make a gallon of wine and it tastes this good!” With my confirmation and a twinkle in his eye Edgar vowed he knew what he was doing this weekend!

I am waiting to see if he and Jess are hooked or not…either way we had a great evening, I shared my passion and I have another gallon in the closet in processes.

Hope you enjoy!

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