Homebrew Supplies of Florida, Inc.

homebrew supplies card

Stephen and his wife at Homebrew supplies are great. We originally bought some root beer supplies from them. The kit came not only with the root beer extract but also contained detailed instructions about how to make root beer at home.

Since making root beer at home uses most of the same supplies it is a natural fit. For many this can be a great introduction to home brewing.

The Homebrew supplies site is great. They have good prices and a lot of supplies for both the beer and wine types. Both Stephen and his wife are very knowledgeable about the process and different techniques. It also helps that they are good people that are easy to talk to.

I usually linger for longer than I should!

Homebrew supplies is an online storefront and I don’t believe they have a physical store. However, If you are from Orlando you can often find Bacallaos at the Good Neighbors Farmer’s Market in Oviedo on Saturdays. If you strike up a conversation with a passion for wine/beer making, they have been known to offer to bring supplies to the market to avoid shipping costs (I don’t know if they would make a habit of this).

The website has a great section of recipe that explains the root beer/soda process done correctly. There are also some other pages dedicated to articles and the like. The product shopping pages are my favorite by far.

Check them out when you have a chance and tell them the Cabinet Wine Maker sent you.


If you have never been to Good Neighbors, it is worth a Saturday morning with lots of local vendors, fresh fruits and veggies, farm animals and more. I will dedicate a post to them later.

Hope you enjoy!

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