16 APR 14

Round Two – Hard Cider

bernard jensen's 100% apple concentrate

bernard jensen’s 100% apple concentrate

I decided to try a new approach.  The first four batches were all very good. I found some Bernard Jensen’s apple concentrate online. This stuff is like apple syrup and 100% apples. Bernard Jensen actually sells the product as part of a health regimen.

You can check it out here.

Anyway the original recipe calls for 12 ounces of concentrated juice. The Bernard Jensen’s bottle is 16 ounces. While the last batch of apple was good, there wasn’t much apple flavor. I am hoping this will up the apple taste.


  • 4 cups sugar
  • 1 gallon spring water
  • 1 packet highly active yeast.

I also have a new method of mixing….I pour the sugar in the glass bottle first and filled to half a bottle with the water. I capped and shook the bottle several times. Each time I paused for about five minutes to let any loose sugar settle. I did this four or five time… When I was confident most of the sugar had dissolved, I added the apple concentrate.

Tip: The clearer the sugar water is after settling, the more dissolved the sugar is.

I shook the capped bottle again and shook the bottle again. The I added the yeast and repeated the shaking one more time. The screw cap made mixing much easier. Finally, I poured spring water to the gallon mark, secured the airlock and cork.

Tip: Leave enough room in the bottle that you can agitate the mixture several times during the fermentation without the bubbles backing up in your airlock. This time the fermentation bubbled out of the airlock. I probably could have left the airlock alone but I decided to replace it with a clean lock. I was afraid cleaning it would be almost impossible.

Into the cabinet for six weeks.

a peak inside the cabinet

a peak inside the cabinet

30 MAY 14

This is the best wine to date, I definitely think it will become a favorite and possibly my signature flavor.

Hope you enjoy!

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