Cabinet Wine Maker

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Turning Groceries Into Wine!

My wife and I have been making wine at home for a little while now. Long enough that we have been experimenting with ingredients and have collected some equipment. We really enjoy doing this together. In fact, we made some 40 bottles of wine to give as gifts this past Christmas.

I find myself talking more and more about wine making. I am very excited about it and it shows when a conversation turns to the process. I can talk about wine for quite some time. We have a few friends who have been interested in being shown how we do it.

We named the blog Cabinet Wine Making because we literally started in a cabinet. We have now moved on to a closet and are going to start adding shelves soon. More about this later…

I don’t want to give you the wrong impression, we don’t have computers and instruments in our process and we are very low tech.  We use a thermometer from time to time but ignore it more often. The easier the better. Our wine is good and comes from common grocery store items. If you are looking for a full blown process you probably want to look for another site or blog. Nor did we start the process to screw the government or big bottle wineries. I confess I like living in a country where the government won’t tell me I can’t make my own beverages, selling is a different story.

We are not wine snobs.

Wine making for us is about doing something together, being passionate and connecting with days gone by.  Wine has been made for centuries with a lot of low tech processes.  The Egyptians did it in the desert with little more than clay containers and a dark corner!  There was a time when most families brewed their own wine or mead.

In truth I am hoping to share what we have done as well as our passion for it.  In short I want to add to our hobby and keep a written record.  A sort of interactive wine log. Hopefully one day my wife and I can look back and see a trail of where we have been from start to finish.

Hope you enjoy!

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